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Patrician of the house of the warming sun

'The light reveals the dark, but dark reveals no light, in the dark we lose ourselves and in the light we are revealed, fear not the shadows which lies on the periphery of light, but go forth without fear.'

A patrician of a northern church. Mostly known as monster hunters in common speak, their hallmark is a spell that conjures a small, but radiant bit of light. However abuse and use of this light will eventually blind them and leave only darkness. While this spell seems elementary it is a result of years of dedication and study to their cause. Individuals who have left the house and church to dedicate themselves fully to the art and craft of manipulating this light are called pyromancers, due to the light becoming wild, uncontrollable in their hands. It is a forbidden art and is seen as a perversion of the elegant light of Ukko, the sun god, containing only its raw destructive and fearsome power.

The patricians and followers of the warming sun are a very decentralized and roam the northern lands as wanderers, often in small groups or by themselves. However in what could be called the capital of the northern territories, Kuurik, there exists a relatively modest hall dedicated to this group. Many exiles find themselves later in this house, as it is where they find the purpose that they seek in the exile. They value hospitality above all else, and will grant it to others who come upon them, but expect it in return when arriving into a settlement. If trouble is made known to them, they are mandated by their vows to provide help, which most often comes in the form of slaying, especially in the northernmost settlements, but they are also known to help in smaller issues as well. They are experts of the land more than most others and would be the people you'd be most fortunate to run into if one was lost in the wilderness.