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Vault of Boqias

"You are overthinking it, you wont care what happens to it once you throw it down."
"But it's the principle of it, it'll be there forever, and what if I made a mistake or didn't think something through and through and my mistake just compounds to greater mistakes in the future."
"Hah! You're absolutely overvaluing your work, no offense. Think of all the books that are already there and you think yours wont be so trivial that it will just be overlooked?"
"Well, even if it is a tiny chance, there is still a chance my book will be of some value to someone."

I ran into a group of scholars on the precipice of a grand valley overlooking an even grander structure. They seemed to be in the act of writing books, and throwing them down into the abyss below. After a quick inquiry it became apparent they were scholars sent from their universities here as a pilgrimage of sorts. The purpose of this pilgrimage was to throw copies of their masterworks into the pit, which leads to the vault that stands on the other side. I was surprised to hear Boqias was a prominent figure in the southern culture as well, and this vault has stood here as long as one can remember, as a vault for all written knowledge, and these scholars were depositing the newest of written knowledge into it. This vault, however, was locked and sealed and the abyss below apparently was the only way into it, allowing one to deposit information, but not withdraw. They believe the vault will stand for centuries to come and all the information ever recorded will remain there, safe until something caused them to need it again. However some of the scholars were obviously of the opinion this was more of a mandatory ritual rather than actually a reasonable way of preserving information.

I'd me amiss not to mention the rumors surrounding the vault, such as its sole or multiple inhabitants inside it. Of course nobody knows if there is anything living inside the vault, but as nobody gets in it is fertile ground for all kinds of interesting rumors to crop up. But some say inside the vault lives the final remnants of the albinos, still pale as the moonlight, and that they still possess the knowledge about conjuring the nether. One can only assume how wise and intelligent they must be if they read all the books that are deposited in their vault! Another theory is that there is some other ancient being locked in the vault, a hostile being that hates all of us, however a very curious one at that, and the deposition of our knowledge into its prison is our way to try to make it understand us better and perhaps make it less hostile in the process. Certainly these rumors make it all the more exciting than thinking it is just an empty vault, filling up with books of great importance and of less greater importance.

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