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The vault

"Seeing the filth here did not surprise me, but dismayed me regardless. it seemed to have spread everywhere. But as I look at the hardened and crystalized shapes, here it seems to have become dormant or gone into some kind of re-structuring or hibernation. My thoughts were interrupted by the vault appearing from around the corner of the canyon wall, its massive size cloaked by the unbreakable overcast sky. It seemed as if it stretched up into the clouds and into some other realm above them. This is the vault of Boqias, the vault of biological and genetic knowledge, a bank for our world, THE bank for our world. The light of the moon goddess Umi shining from its middle, broadcasting to all its location now that it has opened.

After the invasion of the filth out world has suffered greatly, but the things inside this vault would provide more than hope, its content are necessary for our survival. Many of our living spaces have become closed systems, systems that eventually lead to a genetic issue, inbreeding. We are already seeing this happening, diseases wiping out food crops in droves, inherited ailments becoming more common among the newborn. Some of this is fixable with the tools we have, but, we can only get so far, as we are working on a base which has already been altered. We need genes of species and ourselves which have yet to be changed by our methods, a clean canvas to which we can compare. If the vault has succeeded in its task of storing all of this, just destroying the filth and being left with a barren wasteland of a planet may not be our final outcome. All the while, I cannot help but to feel like we are old men grasping for the past. But what else is there to do in the face of a cataclysm than go backwards and try another path, after all, we have made acquaintance with the past, which brings comfort in its familiarity."