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The loathsome and broken

Choose your character:

Man-at-arms. Driven away in disgrace. He is as proficient at putting people in their graves as he is at defiling them. His lack of empathy suits for a life in the ashlands just fine.

The ephemeral. He's seen them. The things within him. On the verge of total madness and absolute fracture of body, he digs deep into the unearthly world of magic at a great cost. A decrepit and weak body conceals power that will ruin him and others, if he wills it.

Slave. An escaped convict who murdered and quartered a notable salt merchant during their tenure as a slave. A loathsome person who was to be hanged, but escaped with their life once more. His desire for life is his only notable feature, and perhaps that is just enough.

Fallen cleric. A cleric driven away due to their greed. They sell concoctions that have no purpose nor use and pray for miracles that never happen. He is as sly as he is vicious, for if his tonics do not kill you, his stiletto knife will find a snug fit inside your chest.