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The nose test

While it may seem funny to the common uneducated, easily amused and entirely pedestrian passerby, the nose test is an important part in ensuring the acoustic properties of gemstones. Acoustics in this context mean sound as well as magical currents, as magic and sound seem to somehow be tied together. Whether it is silent prayers, meditative humming or throat searing screaming, magic is never silent.

What the nose test is in detail is the jeweler trying to figure out whether the jewel in question is a real one or a forgery made out of glass or some less valuable mineral. This is done by bringing the gemstone to the nose and holding it there, then begin to hum at different tones, going high and then going low and repeating this process until the 'vibrations' happen. Otherwise, this process continues until the jeweler is satisfied that they have tried all tones and has now deemed the jewel in question to have no acoustic properties, ruining its value and quite possibly the day of the hopeful customer.

If the jewel in fact is a real acoustic gemstone, the jeweler will begin to feel the 'vibrations'. It's a phenomenon that occurs inside the head, a sensation of trembling and tremors, as if the world was shaking due to the power of one's sound. The gem will then begin to acoustically enhance the sound that is being created. If one is magically inclined, the stone will function as a sort of potency enhancer. The ones that trigger at lower tones are more desirable than the ones that activate at higher frequencies, as the deep sounds the former makes are considered to be highly unusual and quite pleasing. Sometimes these gems are used as instruments, and those who have heard concertos performed with these gems have described them as otherworldly in their volume and in the manner how the sound they create fills the space. However unfortunate as it may be, many of these jewels end up sitting in collections of the nobility who have no talent in making sounds.

When all the points of power were sealed off, it prevented any magic reaching the overworld and left it underground to mingle and fuse into the minerals. Therefore, it is widely believed, these gems that have these special characteristics are either crystallized magic, or regular minerals that have stewed and marinated in the magical currents for centuries.