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The downtrodden and hopeful

Choose your character:

Exiled noble. Their esoteric studies turned them into an outcast. They will continue their research in the esoteric and mystical, even if it means lowering themselves to the level of the peasantry and selling the gold trim on his robes.

One armed knight. Fallen from grace, the colors of their feathers already dulled. They hold onto the faint traces of chivalry still left. A relic, who probably merely seeks glory in death.

Failed avatar. Through their entire life they knew they'd become an avatar. Eventually it became clear that he was not to be the chosen one. His faith is still strong, but he refuses to admit to himself it is not faith he seeks, but power. He seeks the forgotten gods now.

Explorer. An explorer from the northern hinterlands. A fool, whose luck has made them recklessly confident. They have come to the ashlands to seek fame and fortune. Whether their luck is to last or not, their short life as an explorer has made them relatively quick witted.