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Keepers of the forests

"Over time, the plant creatures spread into the surrounding areas around the Overgrown ruins, and they became a regular part of the flora and fauna in those areas. They usually are uninterested in people moving through their lands, and will usually just ignore those who are merely passing. This has lead to some people believing them to be creations of the Dragon Nyyrikki, the deity of forests. This is why they are sometimes treated with reverence and in some niche cultures sacrifices may be made to Nyyrikki through them.

Oftentimes they are seen taking care of the trees and plants in the forest by moving water and nutrients within themselves and transporting them to plants that may need them. Woe be them who attempt to cut down the forests without appeasing them, as attacking the forest itself will aggravate them and cause them to attack the assailants of their forest. "