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Kiwi knight

"The stout avian defenders of the land of waterfalls, who are kindred spirits with the northern dragonoids with many similarities with their principles in life. For the longest time, however, the kiwis and the Avians have been locked in a conflict with the Vermin. Unlike most of the other Avians, the kiwis are very practical folk, living in humble huts that are dug below ground. In addition, many Avians would say that the kiwis sense of aesthetics isn't as refined, as they prefer not to utilize stark, vibrant colors. Instead, the kiwis use plenty of earthy tones, and this lack of colors, in an amusing turn of events, makes them stand out amongst their avian kindred. After all, in a sea of vibrancy, being mundane is quite enough to make one stand out." ko-fi subscribe or tip to my kofi for exclusive content!