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"A chorus of wails and the stench of hundreds of corpses in different stages of decay. An unfathomable wall made of limestone or marble and in the middle a hole from which the mass grovels for sustenance or something else, it almost seems as if some of them are trying to climb up to it. The wall, or block, it is hard to tell what it is as it is so large, has no other features apart from this hole, nothing atop it, nor anything around it. The people around it seem to regard it as "The leviathan", a sort of deity or god. From somewhere within it, it occasionally expels a stream of, hard to say, some foul smelling slurry.

The compass loses its bearing when near it, and points towards it before it begins expelling the rancid stuff and remains pointing towards its direction for a good while after, which is how I ended up discovering this monolith." ko-fi subscribe or tip to my kofi for exclusive content!