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" 'Their swansong had long since passed, but now, with the moon looming above him, he alone felt the upcoming encore.'

Lycanthropes aren't violent by default. Through practice, or through sheer endurance, one can retain their clarity of thought after the transformation. However, the pain is so intense, it is likely most never get to this level and each time are reduced to a feral sort of madness, they "red out", as they call it. Tales abound of warriors who would not break stride while transforming. Those who do reach this level are capable of holding off on transforming back into their regular form, or into their beast forms. However, those who are able to hold their minds together after and during the transformation, tend to decide which form they prefer, just to avoid having to go through the painful transformations over and over again. While there are very intelligent lycanthropes, most people are very suspicious and hostile against lycanthropes due to how unpredictable the transformations can be, and even the intelligent ones can turn bestial if they let their primal side take control." ko-fi subscribe or tip to my kofi for exclusive content!