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Dangerous by nature

Small sketch of Taraken 's character as a plantoid :)

The plantoids are non-hostile by nature, unless someone wanders too close to their nests, which usually isn't a problem, as they live in damp shaded areas, places where usually people do not go, unless you are a dungeoneer. They rarely wander outside their nests, instead they patrol around the outer edges of the overgrowths they call their nests. What makes them dangerous are the spores they emit, as well as the spikes which grow on the tangled vines all over their nests. These spores and spikes share potent paralytic properties which will debilitate any person within moments, in an instant if severely exposed. These victims are then dragged into the deep nests by the plantoids, where they will be converted into another plantoid creature.

It bears repeating, that the creatures themselves are not hostile if given a wide berth and will leave anyone alone unless they come too close, much like a bear. Who usually fall prey to them are, as previously noted, dungeoneers as well as herbalists. Besides it's obvious use case as a poison, the paralytic sap has a novel use as a recreational drug. The toxin can be with a little processing worked into a concoction called ambrosia. While the creatures themselves are essentially blind, they can sense anything that moves or disturbs the vines and plants inside their nests. This makes it especially dangerous to collect the toxic sap, as if precautions are not taken, cutting the vines will immediately attract the attention of all the plantoids inside the nest.