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My skin feels tight [commission]

This was a commission done for Serathin , based on a new creature type they are creating, a sort of snake that takes control of another creature, the end result of which is shown here.

"The machines and pipes in this place seemed industrial, but their former purpose is lost on you. Flashlight scanning along the dusty walls, the beam falling into the darkness of the hallway, it feels like something terrible could appear from the darkness any moment, slowly its face would appear from the blackness, the harsh light falling onto its half lit features. The wolf was walking ahead, sometimes falling behind to take pictures of the compositions the pipes and rust created in the harsh lighting of the torches.

You didn't notice it when the wolf had fallen behind more than usual, his flashlight not visible anymore as you enter a small series of rooms, which looks to be locker rooms. You decide to slow down somewhat as you realize you feel terribly alone in the dark. The low hum and drone ambiance of the place making you feel at edge, as if waiting to climax to something, eventually something would have to break the silent tension.

" It feels so tight..."
Tearing fabric, fur, painful grunts and heaves. It sounded like someone was gagging behind you. Your flashlight falls upon the wolf, now on the floor, clawing at it, monstrous growths erupting from all over his body, tendrils rippling beneath his fur. The harsh lighting cast upon him making the movements beneath his skin appear more unnatural, unreal than they already did, appearing as if they were tricks of light and shadow.

The creature didn't speak anymore, the wolf's jaws moved as if in an attempt to do so, but all that filled the room were those terrible ripping sounds as the monstrosity rose to it's feet. Running head long into the darkness the creature close behind, shouldering through doors, all the while the monster roared, sprinting close behind. For a moment it feels like you are gaining more distance on it, but then a mess of tangled wire causes you to stumble and lose your balance. You hit the ground hard, your flashlight goes out, you are left in the absolute darkness. You breathe in panic.

To your surprise it is silent.

And then, in the darkness, you can hear footsteps, increasing in pace, louder."