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Reckless summoning [FInished YCH]

Finished YCH for Taraken and Teebs13. Taraken also wrote a short story for this, which I have attached below:

"This pitiful world shall know true power and fear under my corruption! Let them hear the accursed name... Taraken. And they shall realize their precious life of peace will soon come to an end.... You foolish summoners shall be the first to experience what it is to be touched by true corruption... Now come, serve your master, as my thralls."

The beast's piercing gaze filled the room in a grim blue glow as the otherworldly eye erratically looked in every direction scanning the environment around it... With his great claw pushing the Gryphon further onto his chest, they were fully submerged deep within the beast's core. With the first summoner swiftly absorbed and taken in by the the new lord of this land... The second was yet to be seen or heard but this would change soon...

I can sense your energy foolish dragon... Give yourself up and allow me to shed your imperfections.... I know you are here with me and soon you shall join your friend in complete and utter bliss of serving your master...

The monster's heavy claw came crashing close to the unfortunate dragon, as it's viscous ooze splattered on the pillar they so desperately tried to hide behind... Watching in complete terror and awe as the beast turned its gaze upon them... Pulsating waves of energy telling him one thing and one thing only.... Submit.