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"It is said that the stars disappeared from the sky once. An elk with antlers so large, they scraped the sky, pulling and picking all the stars in their wake during new moon. As the elk wandered the world it gathered more and more celestial bodies onto its antlers, once even scraping the backside of Ukko, the sun god. Once Umi woke up from her slumber and her moon began to wax she noticed large swathes of pitch black sky which completely lacked any stars. Furious, she noticed the elk, still picking more and more of her stars. As the elk was of Maahi's domain, the god of the forests, Umi demanded he take care of the star thieving elk. First he sent the bear, but he was far too slow and promptly went to sleep. Then he tried the cunning owl, but the owl became frightened of the elks antlers which were now studded with stars. Then Maahi realized he needed something different altogether. A creature which would be fierce, but loyal and a lover of the night. The wolf was created and once they caught the elk. In the ensuing battle, the stars were shed from its antlers and as the wolfs attacked the elk, galaxies spilled from its body. Today the elk still lives in the sky, some stars never did fall from its antlers, but also in the sky the wolves are ever chasing it, forming the constellation of the hunted starcatcher."