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Atticus in the desert

Atticus in the desert -

"He's coming for your head, my empress of the sun. Silen must know."

He could feel the wound had begun to fester. Sand stuck to his tongue and scratched at his throat.The sun glared at his futile efforts, the blinding light aching on his weary eyes. Cold sweat gathered around his forehead and then around his entire body. It was two days since they cut off his arm. Those known to be loyal to Silen were either killed or turned into slaves. The taste of metal rose in his mouth. If it wasn't today, tonight he would die. He was certain of it. No, they must know what has happened in the east, until then death wouldn't be an option.

The day passed in a blur and then the night too. It was hard to focus on anything but the grains of sand beneath him. the time of day he knew only by the color of said grains, looking up was pointless, it was just endless dunes of sand anyway. When the sun began to rise again, he collapsed next to some rocks. When he came back to it was night again. His entire body was disagreeing with the idea of moving, The dressings on his wound had begun to slouch off, dark crimson in color. The world began to recede in his vision and he collapsed again.

When he woke, he felt like he was in a different place. Still incoherent he looked around, grasping for his sword which was not there. It was night, there was a campfire and the smell of something cooking. He fell back into unconsciousness.

He once again came to, his arm felt better. The bandages had been replaced. It was morning in the desert, the campfire was smoldering and there was scraps of fragrant soup and vegetables around it. He sat there for awhile, regaining his bearings. Then from behind the rock came a noise which made Atticus turn around to see a dragonoid standing there. A northerner, who spoke.
- "You're awake! You looked terrible back there for awhile. I tried doing all I could with what I had. What happened to you?"
- "I am Atticus, knight of the eternal tree. I have a message, I must deliver it west. I am in your debt." Just talking made Atticus feel out of breath, he was in terrible shape.
- "I'm Phyn, I'm from the north. I have a message too that I was asked to deliver. Have you heard of Sevan, mother of Kelan, daughter of Falen?"
- "No, I'm afraid I haven't...but the name sounds like one from the western coast."
- "Ah, that's good to know, I'll have to head that way then."

The day turned to night and Atticus fell into another night of delirious flu ridden sleep.

The sounds of rapid shuffling woke him up and suddenly Atticus was struck from the back and knocked out. The last thing he heard was another voice cackling "Khehehe, one arm only, you'll make it up with the money from your armor..."