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The dragon's tooth peak

The top of the dragon's teeth range. The single mountain that so nearly pierces the sky. The canine tooth of the greatest mistake the gods ever wrought upon Alluvia and one that nearly devoured the world, the sun, the stars and the seas whole. The creature from which Kuokko and his stone giants were born. Kuokko whose task from there on out became the creation of mountains. To us they appear as giant peaks and mounds reaching to the sky, but their true purpose is beneath the ground. As they grow upwards, they grow downwards all the same, forming into nails and stakes. They dig deep beneath, to keep that which once rampaged and ravaged, constrained in its place. One needs only look to the western- and eastern coasts to find its eyes, the two volcanoes off the coast.

Above the peak is the constellation named "The lock". The final seal that keeps the creature secured beneath the ground. It is said that the constellation "Key" was thrown by Umi to the other side of Alluvia, into the fabled dragon soil, far beyond the seas; never to be seen or found by mortals.