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Million isles and the coastline terrarium map

Terrarium map from a small slice of the south-west coast of Alluvia, showing the million isles and major settlements near it as well as some landmarks. Master craftsmen create these, with a pinch of magic, to study and anticipate weather patterns. Not often used as mobile maps though, due to their fragility, and value.

The focal point of this map is the region around the land formation called The million isles. It as impenetrable formation of islands, mountains, swamps and jungles. One may traverse to its outer edges via a ship, but it is a region also known for deadly tides which drag ships into the million isles, ripped and torn apart, if not by the tides, then by the volcanic shores of the islands and shores.

To the north lies the Faareye and the dragon's teeth mountains. The dragon's teeth mountains, a giant mountain range separating the Alluvian north and south, as well as the northern and southern dragonoids. The faareye, a telescope intended to study the stars, but also positioned to peer to the center of the million isles. The center is mostly covered in fog or obstructed by low hanging clouds, but it is for certain that there is a light in or around the location that is believed to be it's center. What makes this site even more perplexing and ripe for mysticism is that the summer solstice lines up perfectly with the light that is seen inside the million isles.

To the west one can find the ruins of Slenasea's enclave. A site which is believed to be the last place where the albinos have been thought to live, before either entirely perishing there, or sailing to the west into the great white.

To the south, the great delta, which is not entirely covered on this map as it would require its own entire terrarium to cover in its entirety.

East of Lanway lies one of the largest salt ruptures in the southern Alluvian landscape, which has made Lanway a rich city indeed, and a terrible destination for convicts.