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Bellowers of grief

"Throughout the day I had heard a strange droning moan somewhere around me. The clouds made it impossible to know where it was originating from and what was making such a sound. Once the clouds tore apart from the peaks, it was a startling thing to see one of the rock people appear from the gray fog and became more numerous as the weather became clearer. These statues seemed to be bellowing, as the wind blew through the small holes in them. I think these must have been carved by slaves, but it is hard to say why they are here so high up. Someone once said that they were carved by a single dragonoid to warn any southerner from traveling any farther north and the wailing of the statues serving as an indicator of the woes they'd face if they proceeded to go past them. Another, more interesting story goes that they were carved by a large group of slaves who violently displaced their supervisors, the statues now look to the south, their home, to which they cannot ever return, the mountains carrying their lamentations to their home plains."