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Tuffbay and its surroundings terrarium map

Terrarium map of the south-western part of the northern provinces, showing Tuffbay and its surroundings -

While riding a caravan towards the east you happen to glance upon a orb nestled within one of the wagons. It's a terrarium map and the owner of it gladly lets you have a look. They are very expensive and this one is an heirloom so you carefully pore over its details.

Tuffbay - The largest port in the northern provinces which is main gateway to the southern provinces. It is south enough that it gets little snow, but even worse, it gets a copious amount of freezing rain and gale winds throughout the year, thanks to the dragons teeth ridge condensing all the moisture coming from the sea.

Lonely dragon - The petrified remains of the last of the true dragons, which was left behind when the rest of its kindred vanished into the west. It has centuries stood there and centuries more it will stand, ever staring westward, waiting for its kindred to come and take it home. (

Conduit peninsula - The pillars that rise from the ground here are especially rich in iron, and the environment around them is susceptible of creating thunderstorms. Therefore this peninsula sees an unusual amount of thunder strikes. There is a decently sized university/cloister here.

Pillars of dementia - The owner of the terrarium notices you looking at this landmark. He remarks that it was unfortunate that the artisan who created these terrariums included it. He has been there once and he describes it as such: "Have you ever went to the latrine at night? That feeling you get when you are walking back to your home and you have your back facing towards the dark forest. That's the feeling of dread that lingers in that place, but in that place, I think some things are actually staring at you." (

Basin of stars - It was formed from a falling star that the goddes Umi dropped. Even today, if one looks into the waters of the basin, one can see the glimmer of a starry night sky, even during the day. One can also find plenty of northern plains striders grazing in this area. (

The criers - Statues carved by ancient slaves who were sent to the north as punishment. As wind passes through them, once can hear their sorrowful wail. When strong winds prevail here and it is still in the valley, one can clearly hear their cries. (

The dragons teeth peak and the world devourer - The highest point of the dragons teeth mountain range and in all of Alluvia. As mountains grow upwards, they grow downwards as well, and the mountain, alongside the entirety of the range, could be considered as the stake that keeps to monster below it sealed away. Above it shines the constellation "lock", and on the opposite side of the planet is thought to exist the constellation "key". (

False hope - A mass of land hugging the sea and the dragons teeth range. Named as such for its vast quantity of ruins, unfarmable land and its unpleasant coastline. From the sea the land seems pleasant, but if one is to travel and settle here, they soon realize they are stuck between the sea and mountains.

Boiling ocean - The sea around Tuffbay often appears as if it is boiling. This seems to be due to the high amount of gas vents around the bottom of the ocean.

Merfolk - Sailors leaving Tuffbay often manage to see merfolk. They are mostly a timid bunch, but if one wishes to get into their good graces they love music of any sort. (