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"You've proven your worth summoning me. Now let me show you a world removed from yours."
The creature was something she had seen during her meditations. Whenever she had went to that white, empty void where no thoughts existed, she now realized that this figure had always been there. It would teach her how to go this new world it spoke of. It would not require steeds nor travel, merely to do what she had always done, to meditate. The creature laid its hands upon her and it was as if an ancient gate was opened in her mind. It took a few days until she found that gate, but when she did, she discovered a dark place. It was a place of vague shapes and shifting forms, however the creature encouraged her to go on. It was after coming back from her meditation she found that same darkness now enveloping her body. As she realized this, it all disappeared. Eventually, she would be able to learn to control it and teach it to others, the creature said, and it would bring immense power to her people.

It was such that the nether, as it became to be called, was discovered. A source of dark magic which initially would prove to be a great boon to the empire of the albino dragonoids, but which eventually would lead to their downfall. What the creature omitted from telling her was that the more one takes from the nether, the more you give to it. And soon, the adepts of magic would become corrupted by it. Slowly they'd find it more and more difficult to pull away from the nether. This certainly resulted in easier and more reliable conjuring of magic, but eventually their minds would be trapped within, their bodies ravaged and transformed. In finality, their bodies would serve as vessels for the creatures in the nether to rip into the physical realm.