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Animated growth

"In the temperate forests of Alluvia lie many roused plants, which essentially are sentient, and sometimes even sapient plant life. Most of them are neutral in behavior and aren't aggressive towards other wildlife. However, they can be unpredictable at times and therefore demand a certain degree of respect and leaving a generous amount of breathing room between you and them would be wise. In the war of the north, waged between the humans and the united forces of both northern and southern dragonoids, the dragonoids who were more knowledgeable of the landscape, used these creatures to their benefit by rerouting or luring human troops into the forests where the creatures would attack them.

The more ancient animated plants are especially formidable, as they essentially keep growing throughout their lives. Eventually they will grow so large they cannot move anymore and will lie down. From this mound trees and or fungi will grow depending on the type of plant the creature was."