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Winter river

"It's the small moments in an adventure that make it into an adventure instead of just a long walk. In the winter forest you can barely hear a sound thanks to all the snow absorbing any sound that dares wander into their realm. That is until you find the occasional river splitting the forest and alongside that, all the bubbly noises that come with it. A place to have a sip of the pure icy water and maybe catch a fish or two if you are lucky, and if you are up for it, take a dip in the water itself. It is certainly a scary proposition for those young or uninitiated in the art of swimming in icy water, but after you get up from the water you feel like you are reborn! Also stopping for awhile here does good for Pluf, I felt like the royal strider needed a name by now, so I named him Pluf. Here he can take a moment to drink and eat some of the undergrowth that lies on the edges of the river. I think I will head on downstream from here, that's easier than going through the snowy forest!"