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Cleric of the three moons

Done as part of a one layer challenge in an art group.

'"Come now, me mustn't dawdle in here, we do not belong in here as children of the light, always remember that."

The clerics of the 3 moons were a sect of the religious system of the albino dragonoids who practiced moon magic. Their demeanor towards the magic was more scholarly than those of the other sects and was less about transcendence than research and study. The clerics of the 3 moons actively avoided causing themselves any mutations as sign of losing oneself. This subgroup of their religion was particularly more popular on the outer edges of the capital and in the more rural areas which weren't as zealous. Their ceremonial garb that they regularly wore was immediately reckognizable, with the standout silver rings that hung on them which were depictions of their holy symbol, the hollow moon, as well as being figurative chains that kept their senses and soul bound to the world of light.'