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"Kass dreamed of a pitch black world which was devoid of all but the tangible dark.

There was a small spark, which grew ever larger, consuming the dark around it, revealing the world that was obfuscated in it, from this light everything was created and born. From this light all magic of the world was destroyed and consumed. The light laid everything bare in the world, it created all the creatures who now could see, they soon forgot what the dark looked despite having spent an eternity within it. The light was welcoming, the dark became foreboding. The creatures could understand the light, but the dark was beyond them, despite everything having been created from the dark. But the light was impure, only revealing the lack of the dark, whatever was born from it was lesser and only an imitation of what which lived in the dark. This moment when all the beings of light were born was to be known as the ultimatum."

- On the creation of the world, Liblium chapter 1