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Phyn, the lastborn

"Phyn, the lastborn of Saleua, was born weak and too late. This lead to many afflictions in his adolescence, where Saleua and Phyns four other siblings would have to take care of him. One of his siblings gifted him a tame tundra snake which he cherished above all else and whom he would play with as he lie sick in bed. While Saleua and his siblings would occasionally have to travel far to trade or to gather food and other supplies, Phyns world largely revolved around the small house in the middle of the great swampy plains of Aava.

During the war of the north, Phyn left Saleua and his siblings and set out to journey the lands he never got to see. Not too far into his journey he met a southern dragonoid who was going to war against the human. From him Phyn traded a journal and a pencil which he kept with him for his entire journey, chronicling and sketching the things he saw and experienced, something he had gotten quite decent after spending months in bed in his childhood."