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Boroxis, the first born of the tar

" If one despite all the resistance decides to wander to the very bottom of the dungeon, they would find ancient ruins and within them Boroxos, the firstborn of the tar. An ancient almost godlike being that could be an ancient dragon whose temple this was. Before its followers would go through a variety of rituals and challenges to be transformed into its disciples. Once reaching its chamber you would be given the offer to become one of its disciples. This offer however, is more of a demand as refusal would result in the ancient being becoming hostile. Accepting the offer would result into you being transformed into a tarborn creature, resulting in not being able to wear any equipment effectively, becoming severely handicapped in dexterity and and limiting intelligence. However in turn you would gain supernatural constitution and wisdom.

Refusal of the offer would likely result in it becoming hostile and lead to death as the being is almost as tall as a castle wall.