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Tar guardian

"Even deeper still, one would encounter creatures so large, they outsize adult bears. Fighting them is a difficult task, as they do not respond much to conventional weapons and they leave heavy residue of tar behind them, making moving around them dangerous, as your feet may get stuck in the tar and you may stumble. Once stuck there is little one can do apart from utilizing fire, as attacking them with a close ranged weapon would likely result in the weapon being stuck in them. If one would fight them, an intense fire source is required and it needs to be applied on them constantly so it wont smother the flames out. If you intend to burn them, be prepared to run as to not be suffocated from the thick smoke they produce from being burnt. They are slow and you can outpace them by simply jogging at a brisk pace, but often there are other such creatures nearby, so being cornered or attacked by other such creatures lurking in ambush is a very real threat."