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Puhto syndicate member

"The Puhto syndicate, whose name derives from the old northern dragonoid word for "pure" or "clean", is a group that abhors the use of biological or technological augmentation. By inserting mortal made objects into themselves they believe they go further away from what they are meant to be and inadvertently will be worse for the entire population. They employ people from all walks of life, but the upper classes in their hierarchy are expected to keep their bodies clean of any modifications, unless it is to remove things that they consider malfunctions in their bodies, such as cancers and malformations. These malfunctions are considered to be caused by their destroyed environment and are unintentional and mortal made, therefore it is accepted to remove them.

Despite their hardline opinions on augmenting their bodies, they invest heavily in new tech, as to be able to manipulate and control them, weakening enemies who are accustomed to their tech.