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The long delta

"Smell of salty air fills your nostrils, this must be the beginning of the long delta. A massive labyrinth of rivers and small outcroppings that rise from the water. The sweet water from the water trees mixes with the salty ocean water. Beyond this delta lie the million isles, a collection of islands and islets that are surrounded by shallow waters that lead you to narrow rivers and swamped lakes. Nobody has ever been to its center from which a strange glint of light can sometimes be seen at night when the moon is at just the right position in the sky. The delta itself spans outwards for miles and it would be quite the task to travel through it to the ocean on foot, even small vessels would most likely need to be carried over some shallow portions. Deep in the delta there apparently live a strange species of slug like people, could be real or just something to make people not want to go there."