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Sunset of a sea serpent

"You aren't one of them, are you?"

Despite its voice thrumming and thundering through the seaside the serpent sounded weak and exhausted. The sharp thing jutting from its side a glaring evidence for its weakness.

"I don't suppose you are one of those who hurt us, as they rode a lifeless thing which spat out these rods of suffering at us. I can feel its sharp edges scraping at my insides whenever I move, my mother it killed outright... She was taken by them to this beach where they tore off her horn and fins. I saw it all from a distance, as did not want to come here before, I was afraid they were still hiding here."

Its speech was slow, paced. After awhile I could see several small heads poke out into the open from around the rock the serpent had perched itself up upon.

"The little ones still stay by my side as I can still protect them, even if ever so weakly, but soon they will have to go on their own ways. Before I perish however, I will bring her remains back into the sea, for in the sea we are born, and in the sea we are meant to die."

There was not much I could do other than listen, and listen I did. I listened to the serpents tales about what lies in the sea and the things it had seen and experienced, it is was incredible, it was as if there was an entirely different world underwater, underwater forests, mountains and creatures as diverse as on land, it made my imagination fly. There was one thing it asked from me, however, and it was to create music for it. I hummed as many songs as I could remember. It seemed to be pleased at them, especially the smaller ones, which swam closer to me. I have heard of stories of water dragons enjoying music, but I didn't know water serpents also enjoyed it. After long conversations and humming, eventually I did fall asleep. When I had woken up, the serpent alongside the remains of its mother were gone, leaving only marks in the sand where she had laid."