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Consuming mass [commission]

Commssion for ArkRathaisNoir, who wrote a little description for this, which you can read below:

"The drifter cowered behind the table he had upturned, the sounds of the monster drawing near. The claws scraping over the ground, tearing at the concrete, the floor cracking open with a earthy shriek as biomatter invaded it, driving deep to corrupt it. Above the cacophony, a thousand voices spoke in unison. "Your crimes have been recorded, General Arrokov. The many you ordered to death scream for their justice." The voices began a discordant choir of calling for the drifters head, many he had only heard before, pleading for their lives. The reptilian clutched at his rifle, standing to look. The monster stared back, form shifting and reshaping it's self constantly, the many eyes staring deep into the mans eyes. Staring into the eternity, the drifter snapped, his rifle following suit with several barks. The monstrosity lunged. Silence echoed through the old halls."

Thanks for commissioning me!