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Dovakonus [commission]

This was a commission for Kellenbeck, who also wrote the description that can be found below. It is always fun to get to just design a good ol' fashioned dragon :)

"Davakonus, the dragon-tyrant of the world beneath the world, has reigned there for many centuries. His empire was not a true nation - rather, the dwarven lords were allowed to keep their crowns, so long as they bow to him, and pay a paltry sum as tribute. For most, his rule was a time of great peace, but after a group of assassins were caught in his lair, he has descended into paranoia, and the future of this realm seems bleak. Just a year ago, he struck at the dark elves in his empire - a brutal genocide, for their clergy's connections to his would-be assassins - and now, the dwarves expect to be the next on the chopping block. There are whispers, among the dwarven nobility, that their saviors are coming - a group of adventurers, seeking fame and glory... but will they be enough?"