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Her radiance, Silen of the eternal tree

"Her radiance, Silen of the eternal tree. The head of the faith, she who was born as a true dragon.

One who lays their eyes upon her, will be met by the regality of her pure dragonic visage, one which enfeebles those before her as if looking at a true dragon, a god. Hers is a bloodline that comes from Jorwyn the gilded, one of the first eight barons who ruled after the albinos, the progenitors before the southern dragonoids. Before her, however, nobody had born the gilded scales of Jorwyn, many took this and her dragonic visage to indicate her stature as an avatar, a person chosen by a deity to represent them. An avatar from birth, however, was unheard of before her, all avatars prior had to prove themselves to their god somehow or otherwise be chosen for one reason or another. Despite hushed concerns about this, she quickly rose to the highest ranks of society. Unlike most other avatars of Ukko who had come before her, she did not rule with brutal autocracy, but instead was content with her position as the head of the church, which does still make her more powerful than any of the barons, but yet she would allow the barons to take control of most of the more corporeal matters. She would practice a form of softer power for now, pulling the usual church mandate of avatars as the height of the ruling class of the civilized world as the messengers and actors of gods.

However, during the war in the north, something unexpected happens. She is hearing witness testimonies of an avatar of Ukko in the east, a man who is able to fire searing sunlight from their eyes and throw mountains out of their way. The implications of this were clear, there had never been two avatars under the same deity at the same time, and even then, avatars appeared once in a century, if that. Two avatars of the god of the gods within a few decades, unspeakable. The initial report did not phase her, it was likely just a rumor gone out of control, but even then, such rumors should be put to rest and investigated. And eventually, the investigations came back with the dreaded results, it did appear as if an avatar had been made. Her gut was wrenching, what if this person was the actual avatar the church was awaiting. She was still waiting for some sign of her avatar status from her god, but none had come, perhaps she was just an uniquely draconic person with the diluted blood of an ancient avatar in her. Indeed, the reports began speaking of the avatars uncanny ability of persuasion and presence of character, the ability to make everyone fall in line before them, the sign of a true avatar, something she had always lacked. People did fall in line, but she didn't feel like she ever had any supernatural capability at it, the tales she was hearing now made it seem as if people were rallying behind this man just like that, and it lined up perfectly with what she had read of the avatars of the bygone ages. She was also keenly aware that an avatar would not allow her to sit on her spot at the peak of the church. An avatar would throw her and the entire empire's governance into ruin. She would have to turn the ship around, she'd have to make allies of those who are against the traditional way of avatar rule, but it would be difficult, as the same people would have been the ones that were and are against her, her being a supposed avatar and all. She would have to somehow keep up the appearance of herself as an avatar, while still working with the anti-avatar people, nothing too impossible, being the head of the church requires keeping many things under the table, and this wouldn't be anything too out of the ordinary, she'd hope.

For now, however, it seems while a war is being fought in the north where many of the clerics and warriors of the church of the eternal tree are aiding the northerners, another war, a religious war, is sparking off in the south. A war in which, she fears, she may be forced to betray her own god, and kill an avatar." ko-fi ko-fi subscribe or tip to my kofi for exclusive content!