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Soothing moment

"A southerner woman stands still carrying a little cup with her from which she occasionally sips. It is a herbal brew made from a thorny bush found in the deserts, popular among all of the population in the south. Making a drink from this plant is not as simple as one would think or hope as it is poisonous unless it is placed in boiling water and allowed to steep there for some minutes until the poison has been removed. It is not uncommon to see people get sick thanks to poor brewers who try to brew as much as quickly as possible.

Why did the southerners begin to use this herb to create this flavorful brew that is often described as fruity with a pleasantly sour tang to it. In their folklore it was the desert giant Aavi who discovered this brew. He had been eating and consuming all of the forests in the great desert, jungles, savannahs even small oasis' were not spared. Frustrated by this, Maahi, the god of the forests, decided this had to stop. He schemed a plan to put an end to Aavi's gorging of his realm. He offered Aavi an endless supply of food as long as he left his forests alone. The hungry Aavi agreed to this of course, and after which Maahi created the humble brambling plant, today known as forest leaf. Aavi was not impressed, however, and after he tasted it, he soon found out that it made him terribly ill. He vomited and vomited until the deep swamp that lies between the dragon tooth ridge to the north and the great desert to the south was born. In his awfully terrible state, the humble plant fell into a pond that was left bare to the open sun after Aavi had consumed the forest around it. In it, the thorny plant boiled and turned the pond into a pale plue liquid. Before Aavi was able to get his hands on Maahi, Maahi was already sampling this new drink which he found to be quite soothing and relaxing. With haste he offered the drink to the enraged Aavi. Suspicious that this was another ruse, Aavi took a sip of the brew, which he enjoyed tremendously and drank up the entire pond. So soothing was this brew that Aavi laid down to relax for awhile for a nap, but instead he went into a deep sleep and lies beneath the desert to this day.

And to this day, many continue to enjoy the relaxing effects of this tea, and those who drink more than just a cup or two, will find themselves falling into restful sleep." ko-fi ko-fi subscribe or tip to my kofi for exclusive content!