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Nethershores denizen

"When considering the relationship between the nether and the ether, one has to wonder what the connection between the two is. Why are they even connected and where such a connection came from, why some people can travel there while others cannot. Did the same entity create both our world and the nether, or were they created by separate entities, and if so, who created the connection between the two. It is as if being able to walk into a collective dream, but the dreams are not just pure imagination, they can cause physical manifestations in the ether. Do the dwellers in the nether have similar capabilites, it does not certainly seem so, as creatures from the nether are not seen in the ether unless someone or something from the ether opens a door for them to come through. Do they understand what we are, how do they perceive us, certainly we must seem as strange to them as they seem to us."