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Dragon fever

"You'll pRay GlaCiaLIsa ClAiMed yOu BeFOre I dID."

"There is a curse that looms over an ancient bloodline of dragonoids. This curse was set upon a powerful dragon hunting spellcaster by the dragons they slayed. As punishment for their defiance against the dragons they were cursed to become a representation of what they thought dragons to be like, mindless, brutal and ferocious. This curse would then trigger each time they would approach a point of power in the world, draining their own magic away to fuel the transformation. In ancient times these points of power, where magic seeped out, were far more common, now that many of them have been exhausted only few ample points of power exist. This has made the curse mostly benign for those who still carry this curse upon them and many go through their lives without knowing they have it."