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There was a storm last night

'Yep, that's pretty ordinary.'
I had stayed overnight with a fellow dragonoid who I had met while walking along the plains. He was nice enough to not just warn me of the upcoming storm, but also offer me shelter for the night, and now that I see what the storm had turned the landscape into, I can only be thankful of his help! These kind of freezing storms seem to be quite common in this area, which makes the question how and why people would settle here! Anyone caught outside during a storm like this would surely perish. As I finish that thought, I can see Pluf emerge from under the accumulated snow and ice. Digging into snow and staying down there seems like it would work quite well to avoid being frozen up.

The people who live here strongly believe Halla lives somewhere in these plains. He told me to go visit a valley not too far from here, a valley where Halla is believed to live in, for its a valley that remains permanently frozen at all times, even in summer too. He did caution me not to travel to the bottom of it as the air becomes so cold and stiff that it will choke you before you ever make it to the very bottom. Not to mention, if you do make it to the bottom, you could upset Halla herself, and I cannot imagine angering the god of ice and snow is a good thing."