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alpha aberration werewolf

" The deeper one would venture into the silent forest, the more and more afflicted the creatures would appear. Rarely the afflicted werewolves attacked in packs, and hunters had become used to this fact. It seemed like the aggression that was caused by the affliction made them aggressive even towards one another and therefore unable to attack like they used to. However, this would change once the hunters had moved in deeper to try and find the aberration that was causing the afflictions. Suddenly they found afflicted creatures which did fight in coordinated groups. While the hunters before were able to fell down afflicted stragglers, taking down a pack of them at once was far more than which was possible with their slow to reload arbalest crossbows. As the arbalests were one of the very few weapons which could take out an afflicted with a single blow from a distance, it left them with only one recourse, to move in larger groups. However, this plan was quickly abandoned as larger group