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"There I stood, in the middle of the raging all consuming storm. Slowly it crept over the entire landscape, covering every acre of land, blocking out the sun, deafening the ears with its roar. The civilizations of all the races and all the species swept under it, ground into dust by millions upon millions of tiny dagger like particles, leaving nothing behind but piles of dust and sand. If only they hadn't been busy pointing fingers at each other, they could have prevented this cataclysm, but now it was already far too late and the only thing one could do was to await for the swirling wall to crush everything underneath. The kings and royalty would resort to hiding in their own dungeons, but the storm would rake away at their castles walls and replace the interiors with sand. The sorcerers and those imbued with magic would attempt to create sorcery that would protect them from the cataclysm, but eventually their strength would fade and they too would be buried."