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Companion robot

"Thursday 2nd, the citystate of Chivano is making moves to the consumer market with its military robots which it now has reconfigured and rebranded for the consumer market. Consumer consensus on the matter is as follows: 'I don't like it, they already have a terrible track record and what was with the whole spying thing and sale of intelligent weapo... *click*', 'I will be buying one, they look really cool.', 'I'd like to get one, but I don't think I have the room for one in my current apartment.'

Friday 24th, The company Chivano has run into some hot water with its new consumer grade gadget. Just two hours ago a hacker group revealed that the robots still had left over programming in them from their military days. More concerning is that this allows Chivano to remotely access the viewports on the devices. Spokesperson from Chivano denied the accusations and a warrant has been placed upon the hacker groups members.

Sunday 9th, Today Chivano is facing accusations from the relatives of a family which was mauled and killed by one of their recent products. Investigation on the manner of how the social companion automaton glitched like this is still under way.

Monday 10th, The murder case which placed Chivano under surveillance continues to unfold. Investigation from yesterday showed that custom software had been installed into the robot. The intention of this custom software or who had installed it is unclear, but initial investigation shows that one of the programs features was to act as a blacklist for outgoing signals. This was perhaps done as a precaution due to the news of Chivano possibly being able to spy on its customers. Chivano was reached out to comment on the matter and we received an email stating that according to their terms of service, any alteration of their intelligent devices, hardware or software, releases them from any litigation. In lighter news, an intelligent automata by Jarno was made to taste the top 10 flavors of nutrient soda, the results may surprise you."