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"Observe as he straightens his posture to make the logo on his jacket more visible, to ensure everyone can see it. You do not know what or who this logo represents, but you are certain it is some high end, classy brand. Look how smug he is as he stands there, occasionally looking at his golden pocket watch, certainly only to make everyone know he has one. What a smug, vapid, self satisfied asshole. But look at his expression closer, beyond the artificial stoicism he is displaying, can you notice a tinge of self doubt, perhaps even more than a tinge, a vast depthless dark blue ocean of self doubt, anxiety and inferiority complexes.

As he stands there one could feel like his accessories, his expensive clothes, his carefully thought out outfit, are almost akin to a highly decorated military uniform. "Look at us", they say, "Look at us and be amazed, for the wearer of us have fought and earned us with valor and bravery, they are the elite of society, something to aspire to become. And if you are with him, you too will become a victor of this world. They are a somebody, not a nobody.", you swear you can also hear a small voice saying amidst the rest, "Do not talk to our wearer, he is obviously superior and above you, just look how much he has achieved. His time is all too valuable to fraternize with someone like you" He lets his outward appearance do the talking, and oh how does it express it's soundless broadcast.

But yet, can you find it in your hateful leftmost heart chamber to not dislike or outright hate him? For is he not more a slave to beauty and desire than most. Like a depraved BDSM fiend he goes to be punished by the goddess of beauty, but the more he does, the more he realizes his beauty lacking, the more he becomes aware of it, the more he needs it, he becomes an addict of beauty. The high and rush of getting closer to the idea of his perfect imaginary form is too much, but will he ever realize, the perfect imaginary form is unachievable, like a shapeshifter which has been spending several years at the track, it is un-catchable, and forever changing. It is the want to become someone else, but we are always too fat, too thin, not muscly enough, our eyes are too small or too big, the contours of our cheeks are all wrong, no matter what we do, if the want to become someone else is there, these will be our eternal aesthetic demons.

But the disdain for this person does not dissipate as he checks his watch again, god, could he be any less transparent about this. Perhaps it is your desire to become him, perhaps you are a bit jealous, no, not just a bit, you think whatever this person has SHOULD be yours, it is only reasonable, you work hard, but barely get any of the nice stuff. But go on then, be forever rich in appearance and poor in the mind, go and become another slave to be whipped at the altar and be forever anxious about who you are. Forever stuck in an unwinnable arms race against anyone and everyone else who is playing the game. I am sure you will enjoy chasing after that mirage of yourself.

If you, on the off chance, deny this, it could be possible you will be able to understand the game that is being played as an outsider, a spectator of this strange sport, a mere civilian in this world of medal filled military outfits. Maybe you will come to enjoy spectating this game that is played with minerals, fabrics and precious metals, and perhaps you will fall into an unrecoverable cynicism about the world and society, everyone loves a cynic, I have heard! The person on the sidelines who is always there to ruin everyone's fun and contributes nothing to anything, but their disdain and negativity. One who has displaced warmth and openness inside them for cold and a steel reinforced wall around their true emotions inside which they can safely fall into their own despair.

Instead, understand that this game has been played throughout our history. Buy something nice for yourself, but not because you want to become someone else that you are not and never will be, but because you deserve something nice every now and then. And now you understand why this game is mostly played by lonesome people, people with issues with their image of self, children and immature adults alike."