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Space botanist

"Oh I know the stations own systems can handle the watering and feeding of the plants, but there is something soothing about taking care of them the so called "old fashioned way". Having the automated systems helps as sometimes I am just too busy to water them myself. A lot of the real work with the plants is just looking at numbers, really, which abstracts the whole work to such a degree that I might as well be working with the seismologists, it wouldn't seem that much different. But coming here, brings me that much closer to my work, and makes me feel much more enthusiastic of what we are doing, and I will be honest, manually feeding and watering the plants makes me feel a bit more significant than I would otherwise.

Why am I wearing the suit? As fate would have it, I am terribly allergic to some of the plants here, I think I am the most allergic to plants in the whole station, quite the botanist I am! So I wear the outdoor suits in here too, also it helps the engineers out a bit, as while I am here I do a bit of the calibration work on the suit for them."