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Nascency of Kalma

In the time of the true dragons, Alluvia was torn and sundered by the ultimatum where the primordial gods, Ukko, Umi were born from a spark, destroying Kass, the dreamer and the creator.

From this spark came the two gods and from them came Alluvia. Before Alluvia was born, Kalma awoke in the ruins that would become Alluvia, they wandered the burning and frozen wastes of the surface. Their scales were rended by the freezing cold and burned by the molten heat. It was only when Kalma came upon a vast body of water and plummeted into it did they realize an existence without pain. For before Kalma had fallen into the water it had not known rest from torment, and as it sunk deeper and deeper into the waters it came to embrace it...

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