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Why do you hide [Commission]

YCH done for Pisq Pisq

"Why are you hiding? Did you not ingest the water I gave you, the water that was infested with them. Can you not feel us inside you? Give in to us. Soon this ship will be overrun by my young, and all will experience the perfection of the hive. One mind. Already we are spreading through the Derelict, and you will be the first to be embraced into my hive.

The monstrosity shuddered as suddenly a pair of heavy set tentacles splayed from his back.

"My senses grow better each moment the parasite transforms me further, it won't be long until I can sense you. And when I do, soon you too will shed your imperfections like I have."

As it spoke, its mouth moved in strange spastic motions up and down and to the sides, it seemed like the parasite inside him was somehow talking, in fact, it seemed like the distorted, guttural voice was coming from someplace else. Each passing second the creature's entire body was changing, growing outwards from it's host.

"Come, join us, now."

The creature spoke again suddenly, there was no escape as it grappled you with its appendages, lunging into the dark corner you had been hiding. It wouldn't be long until you too would become like him.