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Someone's in the water

"I can see him."
The waters swelled and crashed around her as she stood at the edge of the pier. His body, helplessly dragged inside the currents, his skull and bones crushed against the underwater rocks. She thought how he must have been able to see her, standing here, under the light, all the while he has just a meter or two away from her. His cries for help drowned out by the booming waves, his figure swallowed in the foam, his lungs filled by the salt. While she was helpless, unable to see or hear him. It's as if he had ceased to be the moment he left this pier. All the while he was dragged farther into the ocean, or ground up in the cliffs and rocks, his world was black, except for the small bit of light, growing ever smaller and smaller each time he saw it beyond the waves. It is even possible, or even likely that she had looked straight at him, but not realized it, false hope maybe filling him up that rescue was coming, he had been found. A hope that would soon turn to confusion and dread as her searching face would turn to some other wave head, her entire body turning away from him as she'd hurriedly scan the jutting rocks on the other side of the pier. All the while he was moving farther and farther away.

Suddenly, a barely audible voice from the darkness.

"Hey, uh, Sal. There's an unalive event ongoing...", The high pitched voice coming from her earpiece felt strange in the booming ambiance of the raging sea. "... I need you."

Fucking hell, not this again.

"Deal with it yourself.", Her voice monotone and distant, not taking her eyes off of the roiling sea.

"I can't, I really need you here.", The voice continued to pester her.

"Then let it be.", The sea was drawing closer each passing moment, she felt the waves growing in intensity.

"What? You want me to let them just be? They are literally clawing at the door and screaming!", His voice was louder now, anxiety that was there before had now turned to something closer to panic.


"Sal? Sal? Please, I need help. They need help."

She turned away from sea. "Fine, I'm coming."