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The god that moves the fog

"In the distance, through the haze of the fog I cannot for certain specify what I saw, but through the moving clouds I think I saw something. I have felt this happen before too, but this time it felt more real than before, as if it wasn't just my mind trying to place something living this environment. I was previously told that this was the place where Halla lives, certainly the temperature fits that description and looking down into the freezing haze filled valley I can only imagine that it only gets colder the further down you go. You have to be careful about even your breath, even when you are up here. Breathe in too deep and your lungs will burn, so you have to be conscious of taking small gulps of air. The terrible conditions make me just wonder how the cabins on the glacier ended up in here did people live here? Even from a distance I can tell they are in disarray, tilted precariously on the chunks of ice. Or, at least I hope nobody lives here anymore, as I cannot imagine that this could be a long lasting plan."