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Spreading infestation [commission]

This was a YCH done for mangoCurl mangoCurl of their character as a parasitoid!

"Iris set aside the book on top of the pile and stretched. It was late, but he was feeling strangely anxious, but he decided it probably was just the boredom and uneventfulness of the work. He threw the rangers jacket over himself and ventured into the night forest. It was full moon making the endless fields clear while painting the thickets and forests as solid blocks of darkness. He found it hard to believe places like this still existed, where the nearest civilized town was almost a hundred miles away.

Above he could see a beautiful shooting star, a large and long lasting one at that. However after looking at it for a few moments he realized something was wrong. Then there was a crash that shook the ground and sent shrapnel and dirt flying all over him. After several moments he stood up to see a huge metallic wreck which had fallen in a small valley not too far from where he now stood. With disregard for procedure he ran to the wreck to have a closer look. The crater was huge, the wreck was at least the size of a large house. Among the wreck he could see placards with "escape shuttle" and "the derelict". His heart began racing at the realization that this must have come from a ship and he began to look around. It all seemed quite hopeless, the entire thing was in shambles. As he was looking around the wreck, an alien egg had begun to open among the wreckage and something was crawling out of it. Iris heard a strange slimy chittering sound from behind and the thing leapt at his face.

Later a small group of rangers had arrived at the scene, but once they made it to the ship, they found many more of those eggs and in the middle of them, the now mutated host of the parasites. it's tentacles raised in the air and lurched at the rangers, all of them disappearing within the wreckage."