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But I did not want to leave

Personal piece, some background for the drawing:

"In their culture death is accepted with grace, or at least an honorable sort is, death in battle or for your clan. Those who would die honorably would be transported to a place that would be similar to what we would call heaven, or what they call it "the unseen veil". Anything that you would desire would become a reality during your stay there, therefore most people are very eager to go to war and earn their honorable death in combat. In their heaven the person who had passed away would meet their parent of the same sex in the veil, or if neither of their parents had passed away, their grandparent or grandgrandparent etc. However only one person of the same sex could reside in the unseen veil at a time from a single family tree. Their gods are a funny bunch you see, wanting to see their followers fight and prove themselves even in death. The way the dead can go about it is that either the older tenant in the veil gives their spot willingly, which happens more often than not, as even the smallest nudge of the sundial can feel like an eternity in the veil. If the older tenant has come into terms that their time in the veil has come, they willingly let the young warrior take their place and give their final fond farewells before moving into the great beyond, where their soul shall rest. However, sometimes the older resident feels like their time has come too soon which can cause a conflict between the two relatives. Due to the nature of the veil, the older resident has the clear advantage as they can bend it to their will. However the newcomer can also help themselves to the miracles of the veil with a bit of imagination, however to a lesser extent as they are not as used to manipulating it as the older resident. Therefore all young pupils are taught that in the veil they should instead try to negotiate with the older resident rather than fight. If the other occupant refuses to negotiate however, then the gods see this situation fit for the new occupant to prove their mettle in combat. If the older inhabitant of the veil reigns victorious over the other person then they are allowed to stay within the veil until another relative comes to attempt to claim their righteous place in the veil. If the newcomer is defeated their soul is not placed into the great beyond, instead it is placed into the underbelly of the earth, closest thing that relates to that is our idea of hell. The gods, you see, do not look kindly to weaklings seeking a place in the veil and only the strongest warriors in a family tree shall claim their place in there. However, sometimes the more greedy inhabitants of the veil do not understand the impact infinitely long residence in the veil can have on their psyche."