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"Down below the cold never really troubled me that much. Up here, however, the winds are so severe and it makes the cold feel ten times worse, the snow feels far sharper too. For the entirety of my life I had lived at what I thought to be the floor of Alluvia, the flatlands of Aava. Sometimes I'd get glimpses of the giants in the horizon, the mountains drawing constellations in the sky with their tips.

I had heard of a story before of a person who went to seek the tallest mountain. Every time he was close to being at the top of the mountain he was climbing, he could see another mountain above him, sometimes close, sometimes so far its base hid away below the line where the eye can see. This is how they lived their entire life, going from mountain to mountain, cursing under their breath on the paths as they traveled to and fro, who knows if they ever found the tallest mountain.

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