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Bowing giants

"The stone giants are a race of primordial children of Kuokko, the mountain god, the first stone giant. The mountain giants have always had a fascination with both the underworld and the world above them, reaching both high and low to study these wondrous places. This can be seen with the mountains reaching upwards to the heavens, sometimes it almost seems like they can pierce the sky with their height, and they did that, once. The children of Kuokko did once reach higher than they do today, so high as to intrude the celestial realm, being able to touch the stars and Umi's moon and Ukko's sun as well. In their excitement at being able to touch and see them so close, they stole many of the stars from the sky. They hid these stars inside their mountains, and even today one can find them if they dig deep enough, shimmering rocks of all colors and shapes. Most important which being the star stones, stones which consume light around them, but in the dark, shine bright.

Upon hearing of this theft, Umi was furious, someone stealing stars from her garden, unspeakable. In her rage, she began sending down her stars over the giants, causing much mayhem and destruction. Ukko drew further away from the giants, allowing Halla, the god of cold, to lay siege on them. Causing their realm to freeze and become barren, the giants' gardens dying and withering, their mountains crumbling down from the shooting stars, many of the giants dying as the shooting stars struck them down. As they saw their inevitable fate, they destroyed their mountains leading to the sky and prostrated to the two angered gods, and forever they will kneel, begging for mercy. As the wind picks up, the giants almost sound like they are moaning in pain, the freezing icicles on their stony skin, the snow like daggers slicing at them. Forever they will be here, never daring to look up again at the skies." subscribe or tip to my kofi for exclusive content!